Web Applications

Web applications requiring high complexity and fast delivery is our speciality.

Some of our key development styles include

– Dashboard with API backend
– Single time loading web applications
– Single page scrolling applications
– cms sites & plugins
– Other customized complex integrations & customizations

We also help install open-source tools and technologies and build tools & plugins to integrate & extend them with upgradeable customizations.

We follow and keep in touch with latest technologies and base our development on frameworks and languages that best suit your business needs and are at par with the latest advancements. This ensures applications that are future proof for longer duration. Some of the server side technologies we work with include

– nodejs , framworks we like are express, sailsjs, nodered, socket.io etc.
– apache php, frameworks include yii, php, concrete5 etc.

for databases we prefer
– mysql for php stuff and some (usually small) nodes
– mongodb for certain datasets
– postgres for larger and performance critical nodes (yes, its fast in many scenarios)
– Redis for in-memory stuff when we really need speed.

For client side scripting, we prefer

– angular 2
– jquery for separate page websites
– plain javascript in certain scenarios.

we like to use bootstrap framework for css but work with any themes / css idea you have in mind.

An outline of our development process is
– requirement gathering & analysis
– reponse to requirements with implementation idea / details
– Full solution description with wireframes, signoff with client to start work according to a project plan.
– first draft code with basic features / proof of concept
– approval of current step & next milestone as planned for the project
Our coding standards include unit tests, coverage analysis and e2e tests to ensure long term maintainability.

We use git for source control to allow ramp up teams when we have number of tasks on the same project and merge changes to deliver quality patches / upgrades to your product.