Starting as a developer – part 1

With some educational background involving programming and a good level of interest in development, you are set on the right track to pursue a career in development.

There are however a lot of choices in front of you where you cannot be sure what exactly is the right path to choose.

Below are listed down some of the choices available for a fresh developer.

Web development

Websites are the easy choice, everyone wants one and it takes no cost to host a simple one. Often you start with static sites using online building tools, or WordPress and move on to build complex applications.

Talking about server side, Php becomes an early choice as it requires zero compile time and cheapest hosting options. Php also has the largest sample code base online but not of the highest quality most of the times.having said that, there are some very high quality frameworks available too.

Then there are .net and java, furious competition in the past but both are behind in performance when compared to node js. Still there is a high demand of java and .net programmers due to a lot of professional tools built in these languages and good amount of quality  support available. Nodejs on the other hand lacks this support a bit.

So, if you are adventurous, would recommend nodejs.

If you like to go safe and plan to get a decent job, java followed by asp are good choices.

If you are by yourself , starting out or want to do some quick stuff, php is a good choice.

Apart from the server side language you will need to get to know html which is simple enough to learn in a short time span.

Then css which is simple to understand but difficult to master as you will often struggle with positioning , margins, cross browser compatibility and matching color schemes.

JavaScript itself is very challenging for starters but frameworks are there to help get things done easier. Choice between JavaScript frameworks is more diverse than choosing between server side programming. Will discuss this on more detail in a separate article.

The database part is also critical but we mostly should start with the default database used commonly for a specific platform  like mysql, mssql etc and later on play around with a more wider set of choices but that only comes when your target application has to cater for high traffic demands and increased reliability in certain conditions.

Next we will discuss other choices of development including mobile apps, desktop and server side apps.





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